Newsletter December 2021: Emigration

Newsletter December 2021: Emigration

Hi there,

ABBA, Cinnamon Buns and IKEA; what do they have in common?

If you guessed, "they're all from Sweden," you are correct! And, if all goes well, you can add me, Koen Martens, to that list soon. Not because I come close to the glory of ABBA, Cinnamon Buns and IKEA of course, but because I'm moving to this beautiful Nordic country next spring, exchanging overcrowded The Netherlands for some Swedish peace and quiet.

That means we're quite busy selling our house, finding a new house, arranging the move and mamaging all the bureaucracy involved with emigration. Of course, in the mean time I still have my day job and my writing to take care of, so it won't be a quiet Christmas for me. But it's going to be worth it.

About my writing, this month, on the 18th as usual, the next installment of the Isolated Futures series, Negative Reinforcement, will be released, which tells the story of independent app developer Limei Huxcon, who lives in a space station far away. When her peaceful world is shook by a violent incident, she has to question everything she believed. She embarks on a crusade to set things straight, teaming up with a gang of underground hackers and rejects. But are their goals and hers aligned, or is there a more nefarious purpose to the gang’s plans?

All in all, the Isolated Futures series is starting to become quite the collection:

Two people descending stairs Facial features superimposed over industrial pipeworks