Newsletter 2022-05-06: Quick update, book and music tips

Newsletter 2022-05-06: Quick update, book and music tips

Hi there,

A short one this time. We're buying a house, so I am a bit distracted with everything involved. Meanwhile, writing of the new novel is progressing according to plan. First drafts of the first three chapters are ready, introducing the three main characters. The stage has been set for my protagonist's journey. I've also been expanding the detail in the world's map (I might share that in the next newsletter). Until then, enjoy the book tips below and make sure to check out the music tip as well!



Book Tips

Lone space-suited figure in barren landscape with ringed planet in dominating the sky, all in
                  dark blue tints

The Enceladus Mission
Brandon Q. Morris
Silhoutted figure against blue background surfing a blur of lines ensuing from abstract doodles
                  on the top

Saving Schrödinger's Cat
Mark Jenkins
In the year 2031, a robot probe detects traces of biological activity on Enceladus, one of Saturn’s moons. This sensational discovery shows that there is indeed evidence of extraterrestrial life. Fifteen years later, a hurriedly built spacecraft sets out on the long journey to the ringed planet and its moon.

The international crew is not just facing a difficult twenty-seven months: if the spacecraft manages to make it to Enceladus without incident it must use a drillship to penetrate the kilometer-thick sheet of ice that entombs the moon. If life does indeed exist on Enceladus, it could only be at the bottom of the salty, ice covered ocean, which formed billions of years ago.

However, shortly after takeoff disaster strikes the mission, and the chances of the crew making it to Enceladus, let alone back home, look grim.

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In the 25th century, deep under the Earth's shattered surface, the dying remnants of humankind live in a dwindling Colony devoid of Nature and only one can travel to the past to save humanity from its dark fate.

Clinging to life underground, after a cataclysmic all-out nuclear war, the remains of the human race are desperate for a way to change the past. Harnessing the power of an artificial wormhole, their only hope to avert global annihilation is to travel back in time and alter the discovery of nuclear fission.

Humanity's future rests on the unlikely shoulders of Proteus. Born with a unique genetic mutation, scientists discover that he is the only one capable of surviving the ravages of time-travel. After decades of preparation, Proteus is sent backwards to early 20th century London... but Time doesn't want the past to change and it pushes back.

To complete his mission, Proteus must manipulate the course of history, all the while battling enemy agents and avoiding the forces of Time, if he's ever going to save the future from the past.

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Music Tip

Close-up of leaf

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A bit of an odd one, this. I don't normally resonate with albums classed as 'world music', but when I came across this one, it stuck with me, and I've been playing it several times since. Roraima, by Norwegian bassist and composer Sigurd Hole, was commissioned by Oslo World for the festival in 2020 and the album is a live recording of the composition.

In the composer's own words: "Roraima is the northernmost state of Brazil. It is home to the Yanomami and several other Indigenous peoples, and like the rest of the Amazon basin it is also home to an incredible diversity of animal and plant life. Roraima is both a celebration of the soundscapes of the natural world, an expression of grief as many of these sounds fade away – and a prayer. A prayer that world leaders will finally listen to the voice of our planet as it begs us to change our course. The growth imperative of our economic system wreaks havoc on all of nature and will ultimately lead to our own demise."

The music is at times joyous, wonderful, mysterious, sad, imposing and calming. It's an album to sit down for and immerse oneself in. The instrumentation overlays recordings from Roraima, and the two interleave to create a rich melodic and rhytmic soundscape pleasing to the ear and the mind. The result is an inspiring trip through the jungle.

Give it a listen and let me know what you think!