Newsletter 2022-11-18: Meet Wifi, follow me on Mastodon, book tip and music tip

Newsletter 2022-11-18: Meet Wifi, follow me on Mastodon, book tip and music tip

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Close-up of Wifi, our tabby catA bit of a break!

It feels weird. My manuscript is now with my developmental editor for a first round of feed back. Not only is this quite scary, as she will no doubt point out many many things I need to fix, but it's also a bit weird. The thing is, for months, my free time was devoted to writing the manuscript, and every moment I was not writing I had this feeling that I should be. Now, with the manuscript finished and off for review, I can relax a bit again, and it's a whole new experience.

I can't relax too much though, as we still have a house to renovate. We're currently working on the kitchen, fitting together the IKEA kit, hoping it will all fit.

Meanwhile, after one and a half week away, mice took over our house. That settled it: we needed a cat. So today we picked up Wifi, a thirteen week old tabby. She will hopefully grow up to be a fearsome sight to the mice invading our home. We also intend to get a dog soon, to scare away the burglars. It's nothing to do with cats and dogs being cute, I swear!

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Social Media Strategy

If you'd told me a year ago I would have a social media strategy a year from then, I'd have laughed in your face.

I've never been a big fan of social media, finding that the 'social' in 'social media' is a bit of a misnomer, and that there's a lot of anti-social going on on those platforms.

I never liked twitter in particular, even less so now that some bat-shit crazy billionaire has bought it as a toy. I've been meaning to check out Mastodon for a while now, and triggered by the current mess on Twitter, a few friend of mine decided to set up a Mastodon server.

So, you can now finally follow me on Mastodon, my account is

As for my social media strategy: I'll be most active on Mastodon, where I'll be posting personal stuff as well as news related to my writing, with Instagram as second. Then there's Facebook and finally Twitter, both of which I tend to ignore mostly. Of course, you can also follow me on Goodreads, if you're curious what I'm reading.

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Patric Abbott

Intelligence Officer Brendan Sean Murphy has served his country on the Middle East and Central Asia battlefields. However, his hard-won successes overseas came at the cost of failures at home. These events have drained his soul, leaving him racked with PTSD.

However, his life changes when he intervenes to stop an anti-alien terrorist attack on the subway. Now, he is thrust into interstellar politics with the government naming him an intelligence attaché to the Sabia, a race that closely guards its own secrets.

Militias, corrupt politicians, and countries seeking military aid from the Sabia challenge Brendan’s mission. On top of this, a medical mystery complicates the balance. Brendan’s only chance at success involves accepting the impossible and unutterable. Only then can he learn the secrets in this Fallen world.

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Signal Chain
Gijs Levelt Spoken Quartet

A signal chain is a series of effects applied on an input signal, where each effect's input is the output of the preceding effect. Trumpet player Gijs Levelt applies such a chain to his instrument. Add to it a pinch of Rhodes and a grooving bass and drums, and you get a wonderfully airy sound recorded on the eight tracks on this album, the second of which is titled 'Signal Chain'. Great music to kick up your feet, relax and space out.

Check it out on Spotify.