Newsletter 2023-01-20: Writing updates, join my launch team, two book tips and a flippin' music tip

Newsletter 2023-01-20: Writing updates, join my launch team, two book tips and a flippin' music tip

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Snow-covered tree in a snow-covered garden Prepping for launch

I've just finished going over the feedback from the first round of editing on The Ein Particle. The first draft came in at 98k words, and I had hoped to edit that down to around 90k, but ended up with 101k. Mind you, I did remove a lot of words, but I also added some on the advice of the editor, improving the structure and narrative arcs.

The manuscript is back at the editor for a second round, and then it's ready to go out to my beta readers. I'm getting quite excited about this novel, and am slowly gearing up for launch (even though that's still months away). Getting a cover, writing the blurb, and everything else that needs to be in place, it's so energizing to get near the finish line.

At the same time, lots of ideas for the sequel are bubbling up. Ideas that will take the characters beyond their original environment, into space, to explore more of their world (taking me along with them).

Meanwhile, we had about 50 centimeters of snow here a few weeks ago. That all melted away, but then it started to snow again, and we now have 10 centimeters. Enough to make everything pretty.

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Join my launch team

I'm expanding my launch team, so if you're interested in getting a free Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of The Ein Particle and are willing to leave a review at the launch date, let me know!

Getting enough reviews on launch date is very important to make sure Amazon will actually try to sell the book, and that will help me out immensely to attempt to recover part of the more than €10.000 I invested in this book (not to mention the countless hours I spent writing it).

The review copies will go out in the second half of April (after copy-editing, but before proofreading). With the launch date set for June 17th, 2023, that's a good two months to read the book and write a review.

Want to join? Let me know! Just hit reply on this email.

Cliff Hock: Infestation Nation
M. Rothmus

Who controls the universe?

It's the distant future. Humanity has built a Dyson Sphere around the sun, which encompasses the inner planets. Cliff Hock is back to bounty hunting, but a strange case of amnesia has him questioning the events around him.

Cliff Hock is caught in a "whodunnit" mystery that sends him into pocket dimensions he didn't know existed. But who is doing what? Who is Nexus Tobbs? And how did Cliff Hock know to travel 1,000 light years and through a wormhole to find him? Is the Dyson Sphere acting unlawfully? Why are the Contra Krugs involved? Are the people around him his friends or enemies? Cliff must unravel who is behind the puzzle, but he must also figure out what the puzzle even is.

Where others have failed, Cliff Hock must succeed. Cliff is shown how to travel into echoes of the past. But this only presents him with fake Nexus Tobbses, who are mere memories of the actual person.
The echoes are compromising Cliff’s own past.

Buy from Amazon!

Silhouette of humanoid looking out from viewport to a planet surface

The Neighbor You Don't Know
Shane Shepherd

Who controls the universe?

After countless years of preparation Mission Terra Firme One is finally ready to commence and give Earth the answers it has long waited for, about the planet Neighbor.

The TSS Cartographer is about to arrive and its First Officer Baldwin “call me Win” Tavares believes that he might just be able to touch his hand to that rocky ground and that’d be enough for him to learn everything there is to know about their old Neighbors, the things they’d done and what they’d left behind.

But not everyone is as kind-hearted or has such noble intentions, and Neighbor holds more mysteries than anyone could have imagined. Exploring it might open the gates for a flood that threatens to drown everything, and Win must make decisions that hold his life, and that of all around him, at stake.

Get the free preview!

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              titleTotal Nuclear Annihilation

One of my hobbies is pinball. And one of my all-time favourite pinball games is Total Nuclear Annihilation. It's a relatively recent game, released in 2017, but everything about the game breathes retro. You know, that nostalgic throw-back style to the 80's, with the purple tones and computer-generated grid surfaces.

For modern standards, the game is relatively simple. No ramps, no gimmicks, just a single-level play field. Yet the game is one of the most thrilling I know.

Part of the excitement of playing this game is the soundtrack. With a deep bass thumping from the game's built-in sub-woofer, the music is an integral part of the experience. So if you play this, make sure you play it loud and with a good set of bass speakers (or indeed, a hefty sub-woofer).

Check it out on Bandcamp or Spotify.


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