Review: The Caledonian Gambit (The Galactic Cold War #0), Dan Moren

Review: The Caledonian Gambit (The Galactic Cold War #0), Dan Moren

Cover for The Caledonian Gambit by Dan Moren: space-ship leaving a space station.

I finished this a while ago but somehow didn’t manage to find the time to review. In the time since though, I found myself daydreaming about the characters and the settings. And that, I believe, is what sets apart a mediocre book from a good book for me. That, and the fact that at the end of each chapter I was eager to know what was going to happen next.

The novel is set in a world of opposing galactic empires fighting about colonies on far-flung planets joined by interstellar gates and features an accidental hero navigating the intelligence agencies and resistance groups that defend various stakes in this prolonged war.

While there are flaws in the writing – being an author myself I can’t read a book without recognising all the dos and donts that are drilled into us by our editors – they don’t distract too much from the story. I found that the ramp-up to the finale went on a bit too long and the end was a little bit cheesy. But only a little bit.

The next volume in this series has gone on my to read list and I look forward to learn how the author continues to explore the universe of this novel.


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