Newsletter 2023-03-03: Excitement, reading update, book tips and a music tip

Newsletter 2023-03-03: Excitement, reading update, book tips and a music tip

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Big letter 'beta' Personal update

I’m excited and can’t wait to release The Ein Particle. I’ve received a first draft of the cover this week, and it’s almost perfect. I’m now eagerly awaiting a second draft with a few tweaks. Can’t wait to show it to you all!

Meanwhile, I’ve sharpened up the blurb a bit after consulting with a blurb writer. What do you think, does it fancy your imagination?

And last but not least, the manuscript is now out with my beta readers. They are the first to read it apart from myself and my developmental editor, so yeah, I’m pretty curious to know what they think of it!

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Reading Update

I’ve been reading. I’ve recently finished Waste Tide by Chen Qiufan, which I found rather enjoyable. You can find a review on my website. I also finished Artificial Condition by Martha wells, which left a bit of a bitter aftertaste.

I’ve now started The Caledonian Gambit by Dan Moren. It’s the first in the many-part Galactic Cold War series. I’ll let you know what I think about it when I’m done! It’s a hefty volume though, might take a while.

What are you reading right now? Hit ‘reply’ on this email and let me know!

A patterned gold coin against a background of dark blue landscape Cryptic Magic
Lily Skyy

He’s a mystical bounty hunter. She’s a magical anomaly destined to destroy his world.

Zaid has one mission: hunt down rogue Anunnaki and bring the magical beings to justice.

Kinza’s wild gifts could either destroy the world – or lead to its salvation. Thrown headlong into a deadly new reality and hunted by evil rogue Anunnaki, Kinza must learn fast if she wants to stay alive.

Zaid is used to dealing with powerful magic. But this time, he may have bitten off more than he can chew…

Step into a thrilling urban fantasy novel that artfully combines hair-raising danger and suspense with exotic locations, powerful magic, and larger-than-life characters.

Buy from Amazon!

Subdued light blue network of tendrils suggestive of neural networksAwake As A Stranger - Awakening
Diane M. Dresback

What if you woke up in another person’s body?

When Treaz awakes, the mirror is wrong. A stranger stares back and mimics her every movement. That is not her body. Those are not her eyes welling with tears. She had dreamt of a different life, but now she lives a nightmare.

This trilogy follows the journey of Treaz and Omani. Six thousand miles lie between them yet they both are trapped in a deplorable reality. Along with unlikely comrades, they struggle to gain control over their lives from those holding them captive. The courageous sacrifices these unassuming women make have a lasting impact on each other, those they care about, and their own worlds.

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Album cover of "Speak no Evil" showing Wayne Shorter and his first wifeSpeak No Evil
Wayne Shorter

Sadly, another “in memoriam”, for yesterday one of the giants of jazz has passed away. I’m talking about saxophone player and composer Wayne Shorter of course, whose career is too long to summarize in a few paragraphs. Instead of attempting and failing, I’ll just leave you with his 1966 album Speak No Evil. It is but one of many masterpieces he leaves behind to enrich our world.

Check it out on Spotify or Youtube.


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