Newsletter 2023-03-17: Cover Reveal, AI, booktips and a weirdly wonderful music tip

Newsletter 2023-03-17: Cover Reveal, AI, booktips and a weirdly wonderful music tip

Title 'Koen's Bi-montly Mailing' against backdrop of white binary digits on blue background

Ancient palace against backdrop of modern cityscape with big planet in the sky and a rockt soaring

Last week I received the cover design for The Ein Particle. I’ve been so eager to share it with the world, but wanted to give my newsletter readers the exclusive so kept it to myself until today.

It’s been done by MiblArt, a Ukrainian company. They’ve been a real pleasure to work with. From my description they managed to capture the exact feel I was looking for, and then did two more revisions to make it perfect.

Curious to know what you think. Just reply to this email and let me know!

Yellow and red geometric shapes with indecipherable words in them

Will AI make me obsolete?

You can’t open a browser or go through your social media timeline without reading about AI these days. From proponents to opponents, everyone has a strong opinion and isn’t hesitant to share it with world + dog. Myself, I’m still not convinced whether we are indeed dealing with a revolution here or whether this is just a passing fad. However, I have been thinking a lot about OpenAI’s GPT language model and what this means for my ambitions as an author. Will I become obsolete? Or will this, as some authors propose, be a great tool to help me write better stories faster?

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Futuristic city scape with flying spaceshipsThe Halden Army
Keyla Damaer

A dramatic sci-fi short story

A coward is not the one who is afraid. It’s what we do about fear that makes the difference.

Cadet Draken Kosset is getting ready for his final exam to become an officer of the Manderian Halden when his body reaches sexual maturity. He should focus on the exam, but all he can do is think about sultry Zamal and the recurring nightmare tormenting his nights since his childhood.

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Woman, tiger and man with gun

Undead Menagerie
A.M. Geever

When the world ends, you adapt or die. Can two strangers trapped in a zoo survive as zombies close in around them?

Zookeeper Imogen is flying high. She loves her work caring for endangered Iberian Lynxes and a promotion is on the horizon. Then a colleague throws her under the bus and her entire life goes into free-fall.

Mike dropped out of college to raise his sisters. Now, twenty years later, it’s time to live for himself. First step of his new life: marry his girlfriend. But an unwelcome surprise derails his proposal, and the future he’s longed for slips from his grasp.

When the zombie apocalypse strikes, Imogen and Mike are trapped inside the zoo. If Imogen wants to protect her lynxes, she’ll have to adapt. If Mike wants to find his family, he needs to survive.

Together, they must find a way out of the zoo—before it becomes as deadly as the ravenous hordes beyond its fence.

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Five superhero playmobil figurinesApparat Organ Quarted

OK, honsetly, I’m running out of time on this newsletter, so I’m just going to leave you with this. It’s Icelandic, it’s weird, it’s wonderful! Enjoy :)

Check it out on Bandcamp or Spotify.


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