Newsletter 2023-04-21: Advanced Review Copy of The Ein Particle, Book Tips, Music Tip

Newsletter 2023-04-21: Advanced Review Copy of The Ein Particle, Book Tips, Music Tip

Title 'Koen's Bi-montly Mailing' against backdrop of white binary digits on blue background
Cover of The Ein Particle: Ancient palace against backdrop of modern cityscape with big planet in the sky
          and a rocket soaring up

Advanced Review Copy

The cat’s out of the bag, the eagle has landed, the veil has been lifted. I’ve made the Advanced Review Copy of The Ein Particle available on Storyorigin. While the official launch isn’t until June later this year, the ARC is a mostly finished manuscript. It may have some rough edges here and there. For example, I’m currently processing the feedback from my beta readers and the final result will get two passes of proofreading that the ARC hasn’t had. Nevertheless, if you want to join my launch team, feel free to grab a copy and start reading!

Running silhouette against mountainous background with big red planet risingCliff Hock: Thunderclap
M. Rothmus

A region of space only 75 light-years from Earth has a reputation for being haunted. But Cliff Hock doesn’t believe in ghosts. Nightmares that come to life and kill people have a logical, scientific explanation. So, he joins forces with a mother-daughter team to find out what’s “really” going on.

Cliff navigates a strange, terraformed planet with the anti-communist resistance as he searches for answers. Children are missing, communists are wrecking the economy, and everybody has the same Hat Man dream that can turn deadly.

When Cliff discovers who sent for him, he realizes the gravity of the situation. Cliff isn’t just battling a bunch of commies with access to advanced technology – he’s on a dangerous mission that threatens the fabric of reality itself.

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Opera singer surrounde by spaceships shooting lasersSpace Operatic
Dale E. Lehman

Hopeless optimist Roberto Maccarone has staked his fortunes on a bold move: he’s brought grand opera to the Oort Territories, where there isn’t enough culture to fill a petri dish. But it’s a tough sell here in the cold dark of the next to last circle of hell, and soon Maccarone is up to his mephistophelean eyebrows in corporate greed, rebellious miners and bloodthirsty mercenaries.

One thing alone can save Maccarone and his company: the most fabulous theater in the solar system slumbers nearby, mysteriously shuttered without having once been used. But the keys are held in the icy grip of the local Culture Minister, and nothing can pry them loose. Will it be fame for Maccarone and his troupe? Or unemployment in Beelzebub’s outhouse?

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Abstract image of black hole sucking in burning gasses from dark cloudNightglow
Read Only

The tracks on this album are specifically composed as background music for reading sci-fi, so it fits this newsletter particularly well.

The dreamy tracks don’t demand too much of your attention, and work great as background music for writing too!

Check it out on Spotify.


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