Newsletter 2023-05-05: Addendum, free books

Newsletter 2023-05-05: Addendum, free books

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Oops, I Messed Up

Please, allow me to insert another message in your inbox mere days after the last newsletter went out. It seems I messed up. I didn’t replace the book tips in my newsletter template, so what you got was book tips from March this year, not the ones you should have gotten!

Hence, this addendum, in which I correct the mistake by providing you with the correct book tips!

My apologies!

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The Mushroom Farm
Casey Moores

A Four Horsemen homage to the legendary Son Tay raid. In a future where Humans have proven themselves excellent mercenaries in fighting the conflicts of the Galactic Union, one such unit finds themselves victims of an elaborate trap. The only survivor knows who to call—a black ops company who specializes in rescuing the betrayed and abandoned. They have redundancies and contingencies, but so does their adversary. Whose will win out?

Get if for free!

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