Newsletter 2023-05-05: Help me settle the KU dilemma

Newsletter 2023-05-05: Help me settle the KU dilemma

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Yellow cartoon character with spiky hair being strangled, eyes bulging out, tongue extended.Kindle Unlimited or not?

I’ve been pondering a dilemma. My new book is due out soon. My book marketing consultant advised me to enroll it in Kindle Unlimited (otherwise known as KDP Select). Initial readership will be larger this way. The trouble: it means I will have to sell the book exclusively through Amazon for the first 90 days after release. It’s rather anti-competitive of them to demand this.

I just can’t decide. I’m lacking the data to make a sound decision. So I’m asking you for help! Dear reader, are you reading books in Kindle Unlimited or elsewhere? Please click on one of these buttons to let me know:

Book cover of Isolated Futures Omnibus, office buildings pointing towards stary sky.

62% OFF

In anticipation of my next release, I’ve discounted my current book, the Isolated Futures Omnibus, with a whopping 62%. The list price has gone down from US$12.95 to US$4.99. In addition, I have expanded the distribution to more platforms, including Smashwords.

Grab your copy now!

A patterned gold coin against a background of dark blue landscape Cryptic Magic
Lily Skyy

He’s a mystical bounty hunter. She’s a magical anomaly destined to destroy his world.

Zaid has one mission: hunt down rogue Anunnaki and bring the magical beings to justice.

Kinza’s wild gifts could either destroy the world – or lead to its salvation. Thrown headlong into a deadly new reality and hunted by evil rogue Anunnaki, Kinza must learn fast if she wants to stay alive.

Zaid is used to dealing with powerful magic. But this time, he may have bitten off more than he can chew…

Step into a thrilling urban fantasy novel that artfully combines hair-raising danger and suspense with exotic locations, powerful magic, and larger-than-life characters.

Buy from Amazon!

Subdued light blue network of tendrils suggestive of neural networksAwake As A Stranger - Awakening
Diane M. Dresback

What if you woke up in another person’s body?

When Treaz awakes, the mirror is wrong. A stranger stares back and mimics her every movement. That is not her body. Those are not her eyes welling with tears. She had dreamt of a different life, but now she lives a nightmare.

This trilogy follows the journey of Treaz and Omani. Six thousand miles lie between them yet they both are trapped in a deplorable reality. Along with unlikely comrades, they struggle to gain control over their lives from those holding them captive. The courageous sacrifices these unassuming women make have a lasting impact on each other, those they care about, and their own worlds.

Get the free preview!

Abstract swirling pattern in red and yellow.Sauropoda

This week’s music tip comes from my husband. L’Eclair are a group of five musicians based in Geneva. Their all instrumental cosmic grooves are perfect for a lazy day, lounging in the sun, sipping a cold drink.

Check it out on Bandcamp or Spotify.


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