Negative Reinforcement (Isolated Futures #4)

Book cover of Negative Reinforcement, rabbit superimposed over industrial corridor.

Independent app developer Limei Huxcon leads a peaceful life on Luxulyan, a space station in orbit over ice giant Yamm. Oobya, the station’s owners, keep the twenty million souls on the station fed and comfortable, both physically and mentally.

But when her second date with a power technician is violently interrupted, her life is turned upside-down.

After she discovers what is going on outside her bubble of recommended news and entertainment, she embarks on a crusade to set things straight, teaming up with a band of underground hackers and rejects. But are their goals and hers aligned, or is there a more nefarious purpose to the gang’s plans?

Release date: December 18, 2021

ISBN (ebook): 9789083166964

ISBN (paperback): 9789083166971

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