Eddy (Isolated Futures #5)

Book cover of Eddy, distorted face of girl.

Release date: January 18, 2022

Why did she have to die?

Convicted for a murder he doesn’t remember, digital forensics specialist Lagan Quill spends his days at the secluded Clay Institute, picking apart his memories and separating fact from fantasy.

But when a rehabilitation hearing takes him back into the thrumming city, he uncovers technology so disgusting that his own past pales in comparison.

Forced to trust the one person he despises more than himself, he struggles to stay true to his principles. Can he reclaim his sanity while escaping those who will stop at nothing to prevent him from outing the truth?

Find out in this thrilling tale that puts the disruption in disruptive technology.

ISBN (ebook): 978-90-831669-8-8

ISBN (paperback): 978-90-831669-9-5

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